About Me

I’m Nigel, as of the time of writing just turned 40, a UK Citizen, born of Irish parents in Germany and lived in UK, Hong Kong, USA, Germany and have now been resident in Opio, France for nearly 4 years. You can see from references on my family on the web we have quite an interesting past.

As a teenager I had two passions – music (aka electric guitar and big speakers) and outdoors sports (mountain walking, offshore sailing, rock climbing etc.). Seeing Griff Rhys Jones in Mountain last night made me dig out my old climbing log – quoting “Did the Cuillins, 1983, 2 weeks with Army PT Corps” (then went onto name each peak, time etc.) – I think I am getting old (or nostalgic!)

Music fell by the wayside when I said to my father “I would like to be a professional musician” and his response was “fine, just don’t tell your mother”, which I took to be a subtle “no”. I think my Dad was also saying other members of the “band” had much more talent – Ben is still in the music business; Ges underwrites insurance, still plays bass and writes lyrics; Jonny is a sax teacher and architect. Mind you, we did play “one last time” when I was dragged on stage by “the band” to play “Red House” by Hendrix at a friend’s wedding in the V&A Museum in 2000 (very surreal playing Hendrix in a deserted museum). We rocked!

I started my “professional” life after school as a sailor on the Sloop Providence up and down the east coast of the USA – great fun until my father (aways keeps an eye on me) suggested it might be a sensible idea to goto University. Taking his advice I gained an Engineering degree and masters from Warwick University.

To date my career has taken me through the early days internet technology (anyone remember when the Mosaic browser was cool?), founding a couple of firms and ending up as an investment banker working with two well known bloggers Sean and JP.

I am now focused on a completely different line of work – going back to one of my original passions – outdoor sports. Am currently in the throws of setting up “Wild Rabbit Tours” focusing on walking and cycling tours in the Aples Maritimes, Mercador, Corsica and Haute Provence.

Why “Wild Rabbit” ? – well in respect of my “design god” friend Simon (his firm) and that we have two wild rabbits in the garden (both christened Peter by my little girls Isabella and Florence; well, to be more correct, fat Peter and small Peter – gosh kids can be cruel πŸ™‚ ). Both rabbits decimate any runner beans I plant, but leave broad beans alone – why?

Interests are varied – family, the markets, renewable/sustainable energy, cycling, charity, mountain walking, technology (not just IT)….


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Nigel, welcome in the world of blogs. All the best, and should a CO2 pumping airplane brings you to London with some time to spare, I am were I was πŸ™‚
    Did you know that the worst air polluter is bottled water from France or Italy, served in the UK?

  2. Put an RSS feed link on your blog so I can add it to my Netvibes page!

  3. Sean and Stu – RSS feed should be operational now

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