Bill Gates eat your Socks!

Blog entry inspired by today’s Apple announcement – those new iMacs are stunning! iWorks finally has a spreadsheet! and hints that something in the pipeline with Apple TV – life is looking good!

Apple are smart guys and really focus on what they do well – stylish, functional and well designed software and hardware. While Billy Inc. continue to jam every feature under the sun into new releases of their software, Apple de-construct software and hardware into “simple useful bits” and make it easy to use (and look stylish too!).

Apart from being great designers, the current Apple leadership are one of the few people who really know about “market disruption” or “disruptive technology” – pioneers! Look at….

– iPod and iTunes revolutionising the music industry
– iPhone, Apple are the only firm who has negotiated revenue shares with telcos (plus the iPhone is cool)
– AppleTV, not quite there yet (needs better DVD integration into iTines, a tuner and streaming video)
– iMac, continuously redefining the design of a computer

…and now to the latest iWorks. The fact that I can now get a decent word / powerpoint / excel substitute for home and small / mid sized business use for 99 bucks is stunning! and it works backwards and forwards with MS Office. Microsoft try to charge you an arm and a leg for an MS Office license and hence loads of people must have pirated software and hence Gates Inc. lose out on revenues.

The new iWorks delivers exactly what a home user / small-mid sized business user needs and at a decent price point – I love the fact that the 5 user “home pack” is only a few bucks more than the single user license.

What will be interesting to see is how the “consumer” technology will pan out between Bill Inc. and Apple. My hunch is that Apple will win as they have approached on all fronts, and not just the game console. Not competing in the games market is a smart strategic move by Apple – let their main competitor focus all their money and effort on games consoles; then cleaning up in the music, phone, media centre and home software markets. I wonder what an future AppleTV might look like – possibly include a games console?

As an aside, in reality I do not mean to critisize Mr. Gates too much as he does put alot of his money back into good causes – which I respect.


~ by Nigel on August 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bill Gates eat your Socks!”

  1. concur wholeheartedly with your comments… two things that occured:

    1) have an apple tv and love it — it does video streaming from the mac and trailer streaming from but not tv/movie streaming yet (tho a rental model is rumoured), and dvd integration is not too bad (especially if you buy a ‘turbo264’:… I really think it’s a dark horse in apple’s portfolio of game-changing products/businesses (the new youtube widget shows how web video content can seamlessly make its way onto your HDTV… once we have a Joost widget we don’t need the TV networks anymore…)

    2) there are also rumours of gaming coming to atv, and of course at the wwdc jobs intro’d harry potter and other big titles on the mac… but the point I was going to make is the rise of asynchronous but immersive online gaming e.g. ( personally think this is going to be a big market as it’s a rich gaming experience but does not require time to be dedicated by the player hence is perfect for casual gamers and of course requires not upfront console investment…

    3) actually final third point on the subject of office — have you tried google spreadsheets? it’s pretty amazing what you can do in a web browser these days — MS is being squeezed from both ends…

  2. Ok guys, I am not technical and cannot live up to your detailed analsyses of MS products vs Apple. However, I used to work for a MS reseller and had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Bill face to face when we signed a (big!) contract with the MOD and Cabinet Office.
    We (Sales mgr and myself) were invited to Seattle to meet Mr. Gates in person. We were invited as VIP’s to a reception at the Seattle Art Museum to which the Gates’ family are patrons.
    The amazing thing was that ‘Bill’, when inroduced, took an immediate interest and chatted with a real insight into what we had done and achieved. He had done his homework and it was not just ‘chat’.
    I walked away thinking ‘what a nice guy’ and could totally understand how he had achieved so much. Interested, inquisitive and sincere without the ‘sales pitch’. He has my utmost respect as a person and what he has done for charity.

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