Jon Peacock RIP

Bad day today – one of my oldest friends (were were best man at each others weddings) and my business partner / co-founders of Evolution died yesterday of altitude sickness while climbing in China / Pakistan.

Why did I blog this? Jon was a great friend and was the one who took the top left picture when we were paragliding in Turkey. Plus the irony of his last email to me on 29th June…


Sponsorship still stands, good luck with the convalescence.

Tomorrow I’m off to Kashi in China at the start of an expedition to climb
Muztagh Ata. Subject to altitude sickness looking to walk up using “skins”
and then snowboard down 🙂

Take care … Jon

You can find details of what happened here and here

He leaves behind an amazing family. I and many others will miss his northern accent. I will miss you!

(PS – if you need to contact the family, please drop me a note and I will put you in touch)


~ by Nigel on July 13, 2007.

16 Responses to “Jon Peacock RIP”

  1. Nigel, please can you give me a number to reach you on, regarding Jon, or you can email me

  2. For the press, some brief details on Jon…

    – Jon Peacock
    – 39 Years old
    – From Runcorn Cheshire, now living in Weston Cheshire
    – Married to Katharine (note spelling)
    – Has two small children under the age of 5
    – Was taking a break from work following a successful career in technology consulting
    – Was co-founder of Evolution Consulting Group plc which was sold to Detica plc in 2006
    – Sportsman – marathon runner, paraglider pilot, skier

  3. More details are available here:,600ft+peak/

    I will post more a the become available…

  4. Nigel

    Really sad to hear about John. Please pass on my condolences


  5. Nigel – saw this in the press. Just tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with all who have lost a great friend. Stuart

  6. Nigel, it’s Claire, Katharine’s sister, Jon’s sister in law. Wanted to say thank you for the comments. Katharine’s had a bad day today, and it’s led me to ponder past times with the two of them. A big memory is of your very funny speech, and general mickey take of Jon at their wedding. Only a close friend could have got away with some of the jokes aimed at my daft, and dearly missed brother in law Joffanon… as my lad Cameron always called him. We still can’t quite grasp the fact that he’s gone, and Katharine is so touched by the kind thoughts and words that come to her on a daily basis. Thanks Nigel. Claire and family.

  7. Hello Nigel, I knew Jon a very long time ago and was greatly saddened to hear of the news of his death. I wondered if any details of his funeral are yet availble? Kind regards, Helen

  8. Nigel, I’m Roger I was good friends with Jon at school, haven’t seen him for about 5 years. I checked my Friends Reunitd profile when I read about his death only to find a message from him from 2003 saying we really should get around to going for a beer sometime. I only wish I had known that he had moved back up North and was living less than ten mies from me. Can yo let me know when the funeral will take place? Thanks

  9. Hello Nigel, I also went to school with Jon (primary and secondary) and was stunned, quite literally, to hear of his death. I haven’t seen him since school, although we did correspond when he was at Evolution. Deepest condolences to his family should they happen to read your blog.

    As Helen and Roger have asked above, do you have any details yet of the funeral arrangements? Many thanks, Andrew

  10. Helen, Roger, Andrew – I have emailed you with details.

  11. Nigel,
    Really sorry to hear about Jon. I knew him well at school but lost touch with him in my early 20’s. We had some great times, especially through sixth form and the few years afterwards. He was always up for a laugh and certainly loved to get the most out of life. Jon also e-mailed me some time ago suggesting we catch up over a beer but sometimes we tend to let the pressures of time and work take over and we didn’t meet.
    I too would be grateful if you could let me know of the funeral arrangements.
    Many thanks.

  12. Nigel,
    I am so shocked at the news of Jonathan’s death. He was a man with so much energy and vitality, and so much to look forward to. It is so terribly sad. I am a friend of Katharine’s, and only recently heard the news. I would really be grateful if you could let me know of the funeral arrangements
    Many thanks.

  13. Jon’s funeral will be 13:30 on Friday 10th August at:

    St Margaret’s Church
    Church Lane
    CW3 9AX

  14. Hi
    I have recently heard this terrible news. I went to jr school with Jon but have not seen him for many years. I do have some very cute pictures that i though perhaps his wife might like to have. My heart goes out to her and the children. Please let me know where to send them if you would like them.

  15. Nigel,

    Happened across your blog. I was stunned by the tragic news of John’s death. He was a great bloke. I have fond memories of some of our daft adventures. My condolences to his family.

  16. Nigel

    I have only just come across the news about Jon. I’m so shocked. I knew him (and you via him) a long time ago. What a determined, gentle guy. Amazing to know that you achieved such success, as he always knew you would! I have some really fond memories of him, which I have been going over since reading about his tragic death. I hope his family are doing OK.

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