Do you have granny gear?

The article in the Sunday Times today on cycling vacations made me smile. It appears the “hard-core” UK cyclists made fun of the journalist’s racing triple on his bike – even though he beat them up the hills!

I tip my hat to him (journalist) as me and my mates ride in the mountains 3-4 times a week and still use a triple (“granny gear”) or a “compact”. As an FYI, lots of pros train in the same mountains (Mr Armstrong used to live and munch pasta in Villefranche Sur Mer).

The sport is about riding, pushing yourself and enjoying!

Doing the hills with a normal “UK gear-set” is not macho it is silly! And then giving the “excuse” that you had the more “macho” gear-set meant you went slower is also silly.

If you cannot beat “the triple guy” up the hill, then you should train more! not make excuses he/she has a “granny gear”


~ by Nigel on July 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Do you have granny gear?”

  1. Have to agree, it’s not clever…there are times I’d love to have that granny gear, especially cycling back to Watford from Tower bridge when you have to get up Highgate hill. OK so it’s not the same as a mountain, but after a full days work it can feel like the Col de Columbia :), I used to live near there and I really want to get back to see if it’s even remotely possible on a bike. Annecy to La Clusaz would be the initial challenge.


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  3. From my own experience…

    When fresh two people of similar fitness will turn the same gear irrespective of the range available… When struggling human nature dictates you will reach for your lowest. In conclusion, choose bigger, get there faster. At some point, however, you may actually fall off your bike into the gutter… Even Pantani needed a 23!

    A mathematical proof awaits.

  4. Thanks for your comment. Agreed to some extent re: two people of same fitness; although as you know some people prefer to spin and others grind, both arriving at same time.

    FYI – done the gutter thing, very embarrassing 😉

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