We live in a crazy world…

Sometimes I see a news item which immediately makes me check three calendars to really convince me that it is not April 1st.

Today Sky covered the “World wife carrying championships“, which incidentally was won by Estonia (prize is your wife’s weight in beer).

On a day when three major sporting events (Wimbledon final; British Grand Prix; and first stage of the Tour de France) were in full sing, Sky reporters still managed to cover “Wife Carrying”.

What I want to know is…

– who came up with the idea of “wife carrying” world championships?

– why are the Estonians so good at this?

– who owns the TV rights?

– Is some Kiwi going invent a new “extreme wife carrying” sport – e.g. “the Everest Wife Carry”?

– is someone going to take a leave out of the “dwarf sports book” and invent “wife throwing”?

– what about “husband carrying”?

– Will there be an event for “life partners” or do you need a formal marriage contract to compete?

Lots of questions! This is an important sport, otherwise Sky News would not have covered it online and on the TV.

Does Murdoch’s focus on buying into influencing the US psychi mean that he has allowed Sky News to go tabloid?


~ by Nigel on July 8, 2007.

One Response to “We live in a crazy world…”

  1. Estonian win – maybe the 80% divorce rate has something to do with this….

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